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AoS 2000 Seraphon Vs Skaven Pestilens

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by dinoSTARZ, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. dinoSTARZ
    Cold One

    dinoSTARZ Active Member

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    The battle for Lustria part 2

    Nasty Skaven came to invade the homeland, but a Slann answered the call. We set up with:

    5 Knights 100
    10 Knights 200
    5 saurus guard 100
    40 Saurus Warriors 360
    40 Skinks 200
    5 Chameleon skinks 120
    1 Razordon 40
    Old-Blood on Carnosaur 280
    Stegadon with flamethrower 240
    Slann Starmaster 260
    AND MY SKAVEN BLASTING SCAR VET ON COLD ONE (recall how he has skaven pelts and dead rats on his base) 100

    The nasty Skaven brought plague monks with censor bearers, 2 plague furnaces, a warpfire cannon, a ratling gun, some other kind of cannon with rats that shoots mortal wounds (pictured below his hand), and that thing in the middle was being proxied as a verminlord corruptor.

    We had to protect sacred Lustrian orbs or something, so there were 4 objectives to take for points.

    He deployed more first because he had a batallion, and he chose me to go first (as we often do to get that sweet double turn chance). BUT I HAD A PLAN!

    The slann gave me the dope drake constellation. I teleport my one razordon and set up my chamo skinks in that forest and WIPE OUT WARPCANNON turn one. Booyahhhhhhh. He subsequently kills them with gutter runners and the mortar rat things. He brings the rest of his army up to fight me. My army is so big I can't get my warriors through the hole despite being able to fly (thanks to Slann's command ability). By the way, I once thought the Slann didn't do enough for 260. Haha, I was dumb.


    Now we all smash up and get to work. His censor bearers on the top of the screen were buffed up like a motha and had 4 attacks somehow, with +1 to wound (and double weapons always get to reroll 1's to hit or +1 to wound or something like that). Additionally they got to re-roll their charges for some reason. Here's the thing. After all that buffing, they missed the charge with double 1's. They rerolled and got double 1's again! Also his ratling gun was powered up and then blew itself up lol.
    I was trying to be nice and take bad orders so he could kill off my carnosaur but he lived through a lot and then smacked up the verminlord and plague furnace. The censor bearers did some work, but not enough. He did kill my carnosaur but...that's about it. He got slammed by bad dice rolls allllll game. Poor guy. Here's a pic of the skaven killing scar vet in ACTION. He's the one with the colorful feathers on his war pick.
  2. Aginor

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    Nice BR!
    Show the Skaven where they belong! :)

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